Eye Stretches and Exercises You can do Anywhere

Eye Stretches and Exercises You can do Anywhere

January 3, 2022  |  exercises, Tools, vision care
A girl Holding her hands to her forehead, reading Ways to prvent Tension, headaches, and twitches

Many people today suffer from overused eyes and painful tension headaches. These aches and pains can sap your energy and make tasks as simple as taking notes on a notepad unbearable.  

For many of us, our livelihoods revolve around computers and staring at screens for hours per day. All this screen time takes a tremendous toll on our eyes and their efficiency.  

If you are suffering from tension headaches and eye strain, some simple exercises can help relieve your pain.  

General Eye Comfort 

Even if you are not currently experiencing a tension headache, it is a good idea to make sure your eyes remain comfortable and well lubricated.  

To maintain eye comfort, do the following: 

  • Ten slow, rhythmic blinks.  

Hold your eyelids shut for one second before opening. This will produce tears to keep your eyes lubricated.

  • Forced yawning.  

Even if you don’t feel the need to yawn, going through the motions will yield the same benefits. Pretend to yawn, by fully extending your jaw and allowing your eyes to shut halfway. This will produce tears and can even lead to a real yawn.  

  • Expose your eyes to natural light.  

Too much blue light (like that which is produced by computers) can cause eye strain. Take five minutes and expose your eyes to natural sunlight (but DO NOT look at the sun). The light of nature will help relax your eye muscles and help keep you refreshed.  

Palming Exercise 

When you feel strain and tension oncoming, a palming exercise is one of the best ways to stop the pain in its tracks.  

Here’s how it’s done: 

  • Sitting, rest your elbows on your desk 

  • Gently rest your closed eyes in the palm of your hand 

  • Cup your hands, making a pocket around your eyelids 

  • Inhale and hold the position for five seconds 

  • Repeat as needed and continue taking deep breaths 

This relatively simple exercise can provide a great deal of comfort to strained eyes and can even stave off a tension headache.  

Eye Movement 

The best way to relieve stress from your eye muscles is by stretching them out.  

This exercise is basic, but highly effective if done correctly.  

  • First, close your eyes.  

  • Slowly look up towards the ceiling, holding as your eyes reach their peak.  

  • Next, slowly move your eyes until they are looking at the floor and hold for one second.  

  • Repeat this motion three times.  

  • Next repeat this motion but instead, look from left to right instead of up and down.  

  • Repeat three times.  

This simple exercise will activate the muscles that control your eyeball’s motion and will provide relief.  

Focus Change 

The muscles that control where your eyes focus can easily become fatigued.  

Try this exercise to help.  

  • First, hold your index finger five inches from your eyes.  

  • Focus on your finger for five seconds.  

  • Then, extend your arm fully, maintaining focus.  

  • Next, focus on an object in the distance, then refocus on your finger.  

  • Finally, bring your finger back until it is five inches from your face. And again, focus on the distant object.  

  • Repeat this three times.  

Do this exercise as needed. It can greatly improve your ability to focus for extended periods of time.  

Your Eye Health is Important 

Maintaining strong eye muscles is one of the best ways to ensure long-term eye health. The exercises outlined above are a great way to make sure your eyes stay healthy and strong under the weight of your busy life.  

If you are struggling with severe eye pain or discomfort, then the problem may go deeper than fatigue. Schedule a visit with Family Vision Center in Oxford to have your eyes examined. Eye conditions that are allowed to linger can have long-term negative effects on your vision and quality of life.