Wear Goggles When You Swim to Prevent These Issues

Wear Goggles When You Swim to Prevent These Issues

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Swimming is one of the best ways to stay in shape and cool off in the raging heat (not to mention it is a whole lot of fun). But pool water is treated with many harsh chemicals, including chlorine.  


While chlorine may make pool water sterile, you may find yourself swimming in other bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, or even the ocean. These natural bodies of water contain many kinds of contaminants and bacteria that can pose danger to your eyes.  


The best way to protect your eyes from irritation and damage is by wearing goggles when you go swimming.  


This post will go over the potential dangers of swimming without goggles and why you should wear goggles every time you go swimming.  


Wearing Goggles While Swimming is a Must 


Your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. Don’t expose them to irritants and contaminants haphazardly.  


Here are some of the top reasons to wear goggles when you are swimming. 


Your eyes are not made for water. 


Many other species of mammals have eyes that are made to remain open underwater. Humans do not have this adaptation.  


Our vision is cloudy underwater and after a short time, our eyes become irritated from water exposure.  


Goggles form a protective bubble around the eyes to ensure that our vision is clear and that our eyes are shielded from the contaminants found in the water.  


Goggles protect your eyes from chemicals. 


This is especially true when swimming in human-maintained pools.  


Swimming pools are treated with chlorine and other harsh chemicals to kill bacteria, germs, and contaminants.  


However, this same chlorine that is meant to keep the pool clean is very irritating to our skin and eyes. While the skin can quickly recover after a quick shower and a few hours of rest, chlorine can keep the eyes in a state of irritation for days.  


Beyond chlorine, public pools will often use other chemicals to keep the pH level of their pools balanced. These chemicals include hydrochloric acid, sodium bisulfate, carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, and sodium carbonate.  


Goggles are an excellent way to protect your eyes while still enjoying the pool. 


Goggles protect your eyes from other contaminants.  


Besides the harsh chemicals used to keep pools clean, other contaminants can be found in water. This is especially true for ponds, lakes, and other natural bodies of water.  


Here are some examples of contaminants found in water: 


  • Insects 

  • Human and animal waste 

  • Hair 

  • Dander 

  • Perfume, hair products, lotion 

  • Leaves, sticks, dirt 

  • Salt 


Wearing goggles is a simple way to protect your eyes from these damaging elements.  


How to Find the Perfect Pair of Goggles 


Everybody’s needs are different. Serious lap swimmers will need different goggles than casual pool-goers.  


So how do you choose the best goggles for you? 


Here are some factors to consider: 


Increase peripheral vision 


Serious swimmers will want maximum visibility. However, these goggles can be pricey. If you are a more casual swimmer, then goggles with straight-ahead vision will meet your needs.  


Clear lenses 


Unless you want to bump into walls and other people, clear lenses are a must for swimmers of all abilities and ambitions. 


Seals and gaskets 


Nothing is more annoying than water leaking into your goggles. You need a tight seal around your eyes. However, swimmers that tread laps for hours at a time need a softer seal (that still keeps water out), or else the sensitive skin around their eyes will quickly become irritated.  


Comfortable gaskets and seals are an excellent investment if you plan to use your goggles more often than once a week.  


Split or dual straps 


Goggles will come with a wide variety of straps. Find a strap type that is right for your head. Straps that are too tight or too loose will quickly become uncomfortable.  


After several hours in the water, a single strap will begin to feel tight. Invest in dual straps for more comfort. Otherwise, split straps will distribute weight more evenly and put less pressure on the back of your head.  


Find the Right Goggles for You 


Swimming is one of the most enjoyable and I looked forward to the activities of the summer. Don’t let eye irritation ruin your good time! 


Invest in a pair of goggles that makes swimming easy on the eyes.  


You can even get goggles with prescription lenses, making swimming underwater clear as day.  


Reach out to Family Vision Center today!